Staying ahead in competition is a must if you want to succeed in your business venture, whether online or offline. The online space is highly noisy with so many small and big players striving to find their spot on the top search engine rankings. Most of them can be an expert in their domain, but the digital landscape is quite varied and vast to create one’s footprint successfully. While enterprises may have an easy win, the small companies have to do thorough planning and tracking of their digital activities to move mountains. That means you’ve got to do a lot of work.

If you don’t want to get trapped in endless manual tasks, then consider using SEO tools available in the market. Free, premium, free trial + charges, there are various subscription models for businesses and SEO agencies to select. Most of these tools help you automate your activities so that you can drive website traffic. It can be a time- and money-saving endeavor at the very least. But the market is brimming with many options, starting from enterprise solutions to hands-on ones. So, you have to make a wise decision.

Since the choices are plenty, a useful tool can easily get lost in the shuffle. If you are a small business owner, wishing to invest in hands-on solutions for website growth and traction, then measure your decision before taking a final call. Here is a quick look into how you can do it. 

Selecting an SEO tool

Allocate a budget

Setting a separate budget for it can be helpful. The free tools are there, but they cannot serve your needs beyond a point because of the lack of advanced features. For enjoying premium access, you have to dish out monthly or annual charges. Hence, be clear about how much you can afford. A variety of these tools come for free or a thousand dollars a month. If you know what you can spend, it will be easier to focus your attention on appropriate options. You can devote that saved time into investigating and exploring those tools that fit into your budget.

Decide what you need from a tool

There are free website crawling and backlink analysis tools in the market that generate extensive data for you to analyze. If you don’t have time, resources, or necessary skills for this, then it’s better to look for something more intelligent. You should search for a tool that can collect, analyze, and give insights. 

Check if it can meet your business and website needs

Some tools offer multiple account access and logins, while others can cater to only one user, one website, and one login. Another thing is that the size of the business also matters. A big company with thousands of pages and a small company with a hundred of pages will have different SEO requirements. Paying for a tool designed for a large business may look exciting if you don’t have financial constraints. But you cannot expect it to deliver any additional value to your present business needs.

Filter out what is critical and what is just right for your business

To be able to compare options, you first need to know your urgent and secondary requirements. It will make your selection process easy and fast. For example, getting keyword suggestions, competitor analysis, keyword ranking, etc. can be your priority. 

Implement the changes

You can benefit from your SEO practices only if you execute them correctly. Having analytics, keyword suggestions, page ranking, and other such tools can be beneficial only if you can take meaningful actions. You need to include changes to your website regularly.  Otherwise, it’s not worth the effort. That means you would need a tool that can help you fix specific issues. Or still better, you hire an SEO company.

Integrate marketing and SEO tools

Integration has become an essential component in the workplaces for driving productivity, performance, and results. The same holds in the case of apps and tools. There can be various software solutions you are using daily. Find out where you can combine them and optimize your efforts. For example, if you have an SEO platform, see where you can add Google Analytics data there. Doing this can reduce a lot of burden from your mind.

Types of SEO tools

Once you take care of these points, it will become easier to select the right option. In the market, you can look for technical SEO, keyword research, content optimization, link building, backlink analysis, and page rank checking tools. Let’s explore a few popular options in them.


It is particularly helpful for WordPress sites and SEO requirements. One of its great features is Bulk Editor. You can use this functionality to edit several pages in one go. It can also address your duplicate content problem. For content optimization and technical SEO, it can be an excellent choice. 

Google search console

It is essentially a package of Google SEO tools that can help you with page indexing, detecting duplicate metadata, and security chinks, etc. Another remarkable thing about this tool is, it shows you where your pages are ranking for a set of keywords. You can use insights from here to improve your search engine positions. For technical SEO and rank tracking, it can be an ideal choice.

These two SEO tools are just an example of what you can get. There are hundreds of other options. Their rich features and utility make them stand out from the other. That’s why the onus of picking the perfect choice comes upon you. Since it may need technical know-how and specialized skills to go into their depth, you may consider hiring an expert SEO agency in your city.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, try to find out someone there. It will not be difficult to get in touch with a reputable Fort Lauderdale SEO company for your website. However, before you give a contract, make sure to check their domain knowledge and experience. It can save you from unwanted surprises.