Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one term you cannot ignore when you work on improving your website’s ranking. While experts suggest many essential tips that need to be done for good SEO, we have listed here a few things which you did not know about SEO;

1. Viral Content is Not an SEO Breakthrough

Viral contents do not happen every day so if it does for your business, great but it makes no sense to have one of your content viral if it does not yield in any conversions. Let us get our facts straight, your SEO efforts are to create more business opportunities hence the more people know about your business, the better but if you are doing a local business, then your content going viral all over the globe is not really going to change the game for you hence focus on conversions rather than to go viral with your marketing.

2. You Cannot Get Away if Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly

No SEO efforts are going to work if you do not focus on making your site mobile friendly as 60% of the people access the internet via their smartphones and it is constantly increasing hence make sure that your site works better on mobile than the laptops or desktops as that is how the majority of your customers get in touch with you.

3. There is Something Called Bad SEO Which is Bad for the Business

Yes, in the world of SEO there is something called as good and bad SEO. Good SEO practices improve your site ranking and the bad ones decrease the rankings. So how do you know what is bad SEO? Simple, anything you do to trick the search engine is called as bad SEO such as buying backlinks or stuffing keywords. You are tricking to rank higher, but the algorithm is intelligent and you will get caught. You should keep checking your site analytics to monitor keywords and see how your page ranks for those keywords to understand if your efforts are in the right direction and you are not overdoing it.

Search engines want you to put in efforts to improve user experience rather than spending time in tricking the SERP algorithm to rank higher hence do not try to spend too much time on thinking about how the bots will crawl the page but concentrate on how will the users find your page useful.

4. Inbound Links are Not Always Considered as Good SEO

Incoming links are great for off-page SEO but if it comes from a site which has low domain authority, then it will not really help in improving your site ranking. In fact, if it is coming from an unrelated site when it can hurt your rank. Focus on getting quality inbound links rather than focusing on the number of such links.

In Conclusion

No SEO efforts are complete without proper testing of the site using analytics tools to check if your efforts are in the right direction. 

The best SEO advice imparted by experts is that do not try too hard to rank higher, rather focus on creating a better user experience and impart useful information to your customers and automatically the site bounce rate will come down improving the engagement and increasing the site ranking.