The countdown to the end of third-party cookies has begun in Google Chrome, and the impact will be big for those reliant on them for data collection.

Are you ready?

Watch our on-demand webinar with CallRail and Workshop Digital, and see us dive into the impending changes driven by Google Chrome’s upcoming phase-out, and how you can navigate the challenges of a post-third-party cookie world.

You’ll learn:

  • What the death of third-party cookies means for your current marketing strategies.
  • What marketers should be doing to prepare for these changes.
  • Strategies for success and the importance of utilizing marketing tools with zero- or first-party cookie collection.

With Ryan Johnson and Andrew Miller, we explored the differences between third- and first-party cookies, analyzed the profound implications of this transition for marketers, and introduced innovative solutions and strategies for what you should do next.

If you’re reliant on third-party data and want to unlock the secrets to navigating a world without third-party cookies, then this webinar is for you.

Check out the ways to stay ahead of the game with the best marketing tools and ensure your tactics are primed for success in this new era of digital marketing.

View the slides below or watch the full webinar to get even more insights.