Event management sector has a peculiar problem. Events, more than any other “product” on the market, are quick to grow dull and stale. On the other hand, events can act as powerful leverage. According to the EventTrack Event and Experiential Industry Forecast and Best Practices, 87% of customers state that events are more effective than commercials.

Whether you’re looking to avoid creating boring events or reap maximum benefits from them, the key is to explore new avenues and find new ideas that suit your style.

Local workshop

The first innovative idea on this list is to organize a short-term workshop on something you have expertise. You will need to team up with a bunch of enthusiastic geniuses with similar expertise, set a narrow goal, and find a manageable number of applicants. This can take the form of either a selfless public service or something more commercial, but ultimately it all depends on you and your expected team.

The workshop should be scheduled in the daytime in order to use natural sunlight and be in the convenient time for attendees. Then you will need to submit a research paper on the workshop beforehand for more promotion. In the end, groom the participants for the workshop after their registration.

Product promotion events

We live in a fragmented society, shaped by the digital layer. An ever-increasing digitalization of our lives created the need for going further than commercials, in the form of organizing events that completely revolve around promoting a product or service. Events rise as a necessary counterbalance to the disconnected world that digital marketing created.

However, they aren’t about selling and obvious marketing, but rather about enchanting your audience. In other words, about designing original, in-person brand experiences. An essential add-on for this is a colorful and interactive display stand solution which completes the event’s experience and engages the audience.

In-person brand events let your guests to actually talk about how cool your products or services are. Before planning it, talk with the marketing team and develop a series of engaging experiential marketing settings.


Throughout history, every city had a place where people met and talked. Greeks had their “Agora” while Romans had their “Forum”. Both acted as great places to debate and express opinions about politics, science, philosophy, logic, and art. In our modern version, forums act as events for debating issues from the legal or political sphere.

We recommend that you select one topic to focus your events on, such as sexual assaults at the campus or equal pay.  You can format it as a panel discussion by inviting three to five community leaders or experts to a moderated discussion on the issue. Panelists can discuss the problem with each other by asking questions or reacting to the opinions and views of other panel members. Be sure to provide time to answer questions from the audience.

Kite Flying Fest

Kite flying is all about feeling free and child-like. You get to invite people to take the sky with you. Organizing this type of event will most certainly bring back everyone’s childhood memories. The best period to create a Kite Festival is in the month of April. April is already known as the National Kite Month. If you are looking to do this, here are some guidelines you should follow.

Find a ground that is preferably plain and open. You should avoid areas which have hills or tall building and trees. Moreover, you will need a place that has strong winds. If you can’t accurately determine the wind speed, it is advisable to ask people to bring a variety of kites if possible. If this is your first Kite Fest, try to bring some celebrities for publicity. Also, invite some specialist in kite flying.

Motivational speaking session

These events are about inspiration and brightening up someone’s day. Almost everyone has a motivational story on their own, a survival tale of their journey, their challenges and ways in which they overcame all those.

For example, you can give the floor to your employees to be your motivation as well as each other. Arrange a very inspirational session of the employees opening up in front of all others and spread positive energy among the audience.

You can either go with a single idea from this post or use two or more. The choice is up to you. Keep in mind to add your own modifications to the list. The point is to make things as interesting and fresh as possible.